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Title: 그 XX
Artist: G-Dragon
Played: 62575 times


if you haven’t listened to this, do it. the best That XX live performance in my opinion.

jiyong x bsx perfection

Hello! This is my 2nd follow forever (1st one) in celebration of my 1000 followers~

I probably should have done this when I reached exactly 1000 followers, but I was too caught up with so many things which made me keep on pushing it back until now (19 days after it happened OTL)

I don’t follow many people, like, imagine less than 100 following, adds bunch of inactive blogs and some other non-bb blogs. That’s the reason why this FF list is super short lol.

Also, I am so sorry if I’ve been neglecting some of your messages to my inbox or anything else (whether it was me or you who first started the conversation). I’m like, a forgetful person, and I keep on feeling guilty when I saw my inbox because I forgot to reply to your message but I don’t know if you guys even still remember lol. I’m so so so so sorry for that, I didn’t mean to be rude or anything it’s just my lack of memory ;_;

Although throughout the tumblr journey I’ve been having quite rough time every now and then, these people make me think that it is probably worth staying than leaving it all behind.

So here, amazing people I see most of the time when I’m on my dash even though I rarely stay.

(Long message because I tend to do so without realizing, sorry!)

fantasticji | sick-of-love-songs | jitori koreanghetto | yeongwonji 

seunghyonq unfbigbang seugnri kwonfeels | seunggrii

Thank you so much for being around all this time, I don’t know where this blog would go if you guys weren’t around. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all my followers who stayed for days, weeks, months, or even years. Could never thank you all enough. Thank you ^^

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❝ I guess I achieved my vague dreams. But what really matters is what kind of singer you are. I don’t want to distinguish good or bad based on that artist’s morality. I think you’re a good artist if you can make music that won’t make you feel ashamed when you listen to it in the future, if you can give inspirations to junior artists and if you can perform on the stage until your last moment… That’s something that I always think about and I always try to work on. What matters at the end is not your age, but it’s the young spirit that you have. Trying to easily fit in to this world, you’ll lose your colors and that’s the same for music too. ❞
- G-Dragon on what he thinks about himself. ©

G-Dragon & Kim Heesun on SBS Incarnation

G-Dragon on SBS Incarnation

G-Dragon on SBS Incarnation

Daesung & Kim Heesun on SBS Incarnation

Daesung on SBS Incarnation

perfect gtop angst material ;A; (cr: as tagged)

perfect gtop angst material ;A; (cr: as tagged)

(1st) 130303 Jeju Airport - (2nd) 130305 Jeju Airport (cr: @wdc_Joohee)

2nd pic ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

130302 Blue Day Festival in Nanjing (cr: Captain G)
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130302 Blue Day Festival in Nanjing (cr: Captain G)

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